Conference CE – Schedule

The schedule shows below applied to attendees seeking CE credits at the 2019 Portland Psychedelic Conference. 

Saturday, October 26 2019. Revolution Hall, Portland, OR.

5.0 CE Credits available

Time Presenter/Speaker
10:15 AM Anthony Bossis, PhD, “Psychedelic Research: Implications for Palliative Care and End-of-Life Existential Distress”
11:15 AM Angela Ward, RN, “Ketamine and Other Non-Ordinary States – A Nurse’s Perspective”
12:05 PM Fred Sly, PhD, “Healing, Music, the 60’s, and Set and Setting”
1:05 PM April Bolding, “Psychedelics and Birth”
1:55 PM Lunch Break
3:55 PM Rachel Harris, PhD, “Listening to Ayahuasca”
4:55 PM James Fadiman, MD, Keynote Speaker, “Microdosing: What We’ve Learned and Why It Matters”

Ticket Information:

A ticket to the conference will be required for attendance (please see prices and the link to the online seller below).

CE tickets cost $35 as an add-on to the conference tickets. CE tickets can be purchased through the online ticket vendor Eventbrite. Please scroll till you see “Add-ons” and select “Continuing Education Credit” in addition to the ticket. If you have already purchased the ticket you can either try pulling up your Eventbrite account and adding on the CE credit purchase, or add on the CE credit purchase at the event (we will use Square to accept payment in cash and credit/debit card).

It is recommended that CE credit attendees arrive 20-30 minutes prior to the start of the talks to allow time for registration, etc.

Certificates of Completion will be provided at CE table. Please make sure to check in at the CE table on arrival, and check out at the CE table before you leave the building.