Poster Session

2019 Conference Poster Session

The information seen below was provided about the Poster Session, and for researchers who had an interest in presenting at the Poster Session.

What is a poster session?

At conferencesposter sessions are an opportunity for students and established professionals to present their work in an informal context. It’s a great way to present preliminary data and work in progress, without offering a complete paper or presentation. Unlike a traditional session, all of the posters are set up at once, and each presenter is expected to stand with their poster for the entirety of a session (typically an hour or two) to answer questions from passers-by. Credit is also offered for attending the poster session.

Download Abstract Submission Form -2019 Portland Psychedelic Conference 

Why should you go to all the trouble to present a poster at a conference? Even if your main goal is to listen to the presentations, there are many good reasons to do so.

  1. Posters offer a platform to engage with other conference attendees interested in the same subject and application as yourself. You might engage in a conversation with someone about your poster that could lead to future collaboration. One-on-one conversations about your poster enable you to talk about very specific aspects of your research that may not be possible in a presentation.
  2. A poster session is a good way to disseminate your work, particularly if your research falls within a narrow field of specialization. It also gives you the opportunity to actively engage with others during the conference in a way that networking alone does not, since by its very nature the poster defines the topic of conversation.
  3. If your topic does not fit within the conference organizer’s focus, you may consider a poster as a vehicle for your work. That’s not to say your research doesn’t fit the conference or the audience, it just may not be a good fit for the agenda. Certainly, posters can offer a strong supplement to the conference agenda, as well as provide you with a means to present your research.
  4. Another good reason to present a poster is that you can expect to receive compliments, feedback, and insights about your work that can help you further develop an hypothesis. An insightful, impartial discussion of your work by a peer can often provide ideas for improving your work.
  5. Sometimes a poster session is better than an oral presentation due to time constraints in the latter. During a typical oral presentation, you will have 10-15 minutes for questions and comments, while a poster session typically lasts a couple of hours, allowing for more in-depth conversations.
  6. Poster sessions offer the opportunity to practice your presentation skills in the peer-review and conference space. One advantage of presenting a poster is that it enables you to explain a concept in different ways, and see which explanation is most well received. While you’re honing your ability to communicate verbally, you can also hone your ability to present information visually in a simple way.
  7. A poster session is ideal for the early stages of the research, when you may not have much more than an idea, and you stand to benefit from discussing your idea with other researchers from the same field.

In short, poster presentations provide value, both for attendees who discuss your poster content with you, and for yourself because of the aforementioned insights.

Poster Abstract Submission Guidelines

Download Abstract Submission Form -2019 Portland Psychedelic Conference 

PPS invites you to submit a poster abstract for presentation at the Portland Psychedelic Conference 2019.

Psychedelic research covers a wide range of topics related to neuroscience, plant essences and other compounds and their delivery, harm reduction, and trends in treatment for a wide range of indications.

General Poster Abstract Information

Download Abstract Submission Form -2019 Portland Psychedelic Conference 

·       Potential authors may submit a poster abstract by contacting at

o   Each poster abstract should be submitted individually.

·       Accepted Research poster abstracts will be published online on the PPS website

o   Evidence-Based Solution poster abstracts can be submitted to the peer review journal of your choice.

General Poster Abstract Criteria

·       All poster abstracts are required to convey relevance to PPS’s mission, vision, and values.

·       Poster abstract content are required to support PPS’s priority agenda topics such as research, evidence-based practice, leadership, ethics, public policy, and advanced practice.

·       Before writing your abstract please read this entire document. PPS highly recommends you then write, proof, and save your abstract first. This will save you time, ensure the character count and spelling are correct, and will avoid your browser timing out of the session, causing you to start over. Then copy and paste from your document into the appropriate fields on the form.

·       Poster abstracts are not edited for content.

o   Be sure to double-check your poster abstract for typographical or grammatical errors before submitting.

·       Please avoid the use of all capital letters when completing the submission form (turn off the Caps Lock feature).

Research Poster Abstract Criteria

Research poster abstracts may focus on any aspect of psychedelia and topics of interest to the others you have found, including but not limited to neuroscience, the basic sciences, state management, and harm reduction and education. The research may involve original findings or replicated studies.

Prepare Research poster abstracts to include the following key elements:

1.    Purpose — What was the intent or goal of the study? What did you want to learn? (Limit 500 characters, including spaces)

2.    Background/Significance — What was topic important? What knowledge are you building on? (Limit 500 characters, including spaces)

3.    Method — What was the design? What was the sample? What instruments were used? How was data collected and analyzed? (Limit 700 characters, including spaces)

4.    Results — What were the findings? (Limit 700 characters, including spaces)

5.    Conclusions — What do the findings mean? (Limit 500 characters, including spaces)

6.    Purpose — What was the intent/goal of the project? What problem was addressed by the evidence-based solution? (Limit 500 characters, including spaces)

7.    Description — What was the evidence-based or CSI solution? How was it developed and implemented? Cite the research for the evidence implying how you made a clinical decision based on the best available current research or literature, your own clinical expertise or patient’s needs to change a process to improve nursing practice.  Do not submit an actual reference/bibliography list.  (Limit 1,250 characters, including spaces)

8.    Evaluation and Outcomes —What were the outcomes of the project? How was success measured? (Limit 700 characters, including spaces)

Poster Abstract Submission Instructions

o   If your poster abstract is financially funded, please assure you enter this information on the application form where indicated.

·       Notification of acceptance or regrets will be delivered via email to the Primary Author of each poster abstract by the second week of October 2019.

o   The decision of reviewers is final, though we’re highly flexible.

Poster Abstract Author Requirements and Required Documents

·       Poster abstracts are limited to a maximum of 4 authors, including the primary author.

·       Primary authors may not transfer their status to a co-author once the poster abstract has been submitted.

·       All primary and co-authors are required to sign Release and Disclosure documents.

·       Release and disclosure documents validate:

o   Material is original.

o   Does not copy or otherwise infringe on the copyright or other proprietary rights of another party.

o   The author has participated sufficiently in developing the work in order to take public responsibility for the content (in the case of multiple poster author/presenters, all should certify this aspect).

o   The abstract has not been previously published; and permission for PPS to publish the abstract online will be granted.

·       Please assure that all email addresses for both primary and co-authors are accurate.

o   Email is the sole means of communication from PPS regarding your poster abstract(s).

·       Should any email addresses change prior to the conference date, 10/26, please provide updates to

Download: Abstract Submission Form -2019 Portland Psychedelic Conference 

PPS Registration Fee Discount

·       The primary author of an accepted poster abstract receives a $35 discount on conference registration fees.

·       Expenses associated with the preparation, delivery and presentation of the poster abstract is the responsibility of the primary author.

·       No honorarium will be offered to authors engaged in the poster session, though you will receive an invitation to the Speaker’s Reception on October 25, and you will also receive a PPS t-shirt.