Spirit Plus Science: Proposed Mechanisms of Psychedelic Medicine

Unlike conventional pharmaceuticals, psychedelic medicines offer both brain chemistry-altering science and mystical experiences. The nuances and proposed mechanisms of these synergistic properties of psychedelics will be explored, blending intangible, spiritual matters with hard, objective science. As with every presentation by Dr. Zelfand, this one promises to be packed with information, aha! moments, evidence-based science, and humor.

Erica Zelfand, ND

Dr. Erica Zelfand is a family physician, medical writer, and teacher. She is deeply committed to a patient-centered, root-cause-oriented, functional medicine approach to healing, with special interests in neuroendocrine health and the mind/body connection. After graduating from medical school with high honors, Dr. Zelfand completed a family practice residency at the National University of Natural Medicine (NUNM), followed by an additional four years of post-doctoral training in integrative pediatrics. She is also trained in MDMA-assisted psychotherapy and enjoys being a Zendo Project volunteer. She particularly enjoys presenting and writing about psychedelic medicine and educating fellow healthcare providers on the science and clinical relevance of entheogens.