Jane Latimer, MA

Trauma as Catalyst for Transformation: Entheogenic Journeys for Discovering and Celebrating the True Self

Developmental trauma can create defensive personality patterns that stop us from moving in the direction of our greatest fulfillment. Latest research reveals that psychedelics can play a vital role in healing. In this presentation Jane Latimer, MA will discuss trauma as a catalyst for transformation. Clinicians will learn 1) how individuals struggling with the symptoms of childhood trauma can utilize psychedelic psychotherapy effectively; 2) how therapists can appropriately prepare their clients for these experiences; 3) how stages of growth (and healing) impact a client’s experience of psychedelic medicine; and 4) contraindications for clients with complex post-traumatic stress disorder (CPTSD).

Jane E. Latimer, MA

Jane E. Latimer, MA, Psychotherapist, has more than 30 years of experience working with trauma, eating disorder and addiction recovery, and nature and expressive arts healing. She is the author of two books on eating disorder recovery, and the founder of the first spiritually-informed online recovery program, Bodyway. Through the years working with clients suffering with CPTSD and related addictions, she has discovered the power of psychedelics for getting to places that are otherwise impossible to access. As she witnesses the power of psychedelics to help individuals heal from crippling CPTSD, she has become an advocate and activist on behalf of psychedelic psychotherapy.