Peter Addy, PhD

Post-Psychedelic Integrative Follow-Up Sessions

The therapeutic potential of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy does not lie solely in the acute effects of the psychoactive substance. Therapeutic processes can continue in the participant for hours, days, or weeks after the effects of the drug wear off. Early psychedelic research focused on the psychedelic or psycholytic effects of the drugs themselves, which may last 6–12 hours after ingestion. While it has been established that intrapsychic processing continues after that time, comparatively little has been written on the topic of helping a participant integrate their psychedelic experiences into their everyday lives. This presentation will provide an overview of current writing on post-psychedelic integration in the context of evidenced-based clinical trials.

Peter H. Addy, PhD

Peter H. Addy, PhD is a leading expert on the atypical psychedelic Salvia divinorum and has investigated the plant and its uses for ten years. He previously worked with several pharmacology groups investigating the behavioral effects of salvinorin-A in healthy human subjects, as well as with the NGO Xka Pastora documenting indigenous use of the plant. He earned his PhD in clinical psychology at Sofia University. He is currently a mental health counselor in private practice in Portland, OR.